Clareville sandstone landscaping

Clareville sandstone & landscaping project

Form Landscapes has been constructing one of our biggest projects so far.

Situated on a steep waterfront position in Sydneys secluded enclave, Clareville. The challenging site definitely gave us some difficult construction moments. Working with Lovett Building did make the construction process flow well, especially with a permanent crane on site. This made getting materials down to the waterfront for the sea wall construction possible and made the job run efficiently and on schedule.

Form Landscapes started the project In September 2012 and completed all Landscaping and sandstone elements in July 2014, running for almost two years. The major element of the project was the sandstone construction, we had 3 full time masons working on the project & up to six at the busiest time. The style of stone work varied from semi formal rough edged random square pattern with a mix of sparrow pecked face & convict pick with a mix of 150 year old recycled Pyrmont & Parramatta sandstone. All new sandstone was supplied by Bundanoon Sandstone quarries , this was chosen for its natural colour tones and neutral colour pallet with a strong emphasis away from traditional yellow banded stone. All up over ten thousand stones were hand shaped and laid on site. Not to over look the landscape element which softened and compliments the bold & striking sandstone feature walls.

The plant schedule was a mix of Mature size exotic plants & palms including native plants indigenous to the local area. One of the main features was the planting of a 30 year old Draceana draco ( Dragon tree) which really complimented the amazing house and the surrounding stone work.

Images of this completed project can be seen in our sandstone gallery here.. Sandstone Gallery

Matt Riley

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